As a Pulitzer-nominated journalist and communications pro, Rose Horowitz does more than create compelling content. With her experience in writing, editing, and social media, Rose intently builds and engages with her audience. That passion for storytelling and connecting with her audience applies to whatever Rose writes, whether it be an article, a Twitter or Facebook post, or a fundraising and media campaign for a nonprofit. She has been published in The New York Times, Forbes, The Los Angeles Times, and many other publications.


She gets results. Here are some examples:

  • She has authored hundreds of stories about business, education, personal finance, international trade, government, and the arts. Recently, she created online content, nearly 30 pieces, for Citi and Morgan Stanley.


  • Rose started a Twitter trend in July 2018 with the hashtag #WomentoFollow to amplify women’s voices on social media. It had a reach of 12 million in the first two weeks and has gained national and international traction. She has now profiled 15 #WomentoFollow in different fields.


  • Faced with a budget and deadline to publicize a new website for an education nonprofit, Rose wrote a comprehensive story on dyslexia resulting in front- page placement in local papers. Her story was awarded first-place in the 2016 Connecticut Press Club Communications Contest.


  • Through her enthusiastic persistence, Rose recruited Grammy-winning musician Nile Rodgers to speak at a local high school for a nonprofit. He had never before spoken to students about his addiction. Rose wrote a story and produced a video of his talk and music (YouTube).


  • Known for her creativity and drive, she has created publicity campaigns for arts organizations and has generated coverage for events on News 12 Connecticut (


A life-long learner who has taught writing and how to use social media, Rose holds a Master’s from Columbia University's School of International and Public Affairs.


Career Highlights:

Nominated for a Pulitzer for series on U.S. Food for Peace Program and how money intended to feed the hungry in Africa was enriching the pockets of business middleman. Solo reporter for investigative series that resulted in legislative change. She was the first to report that Captain Hazelwood of the Exxon Valdez had a drunken driving record.

Passionate about the arts and education, Rose has coached high school students to develop creative, polished essays to succeed in the college process. She has worked with dozens of students that have been accepted at schools, such as Stanford University, Harvard, Fordham, Emerson, Boston College, University of Vermont, and many others.


She began her career as a reporter for the Associated Press in Pittsburgh. She has lived and worked in Charleston, W. Va., New York City, and Los Angeles. Rose now lives in Connecticut. She loves poetry and is a published poet.

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